WEPO 2020

Workshop on Evolutionary
and Population-based Optimization

Anywhere, November 25th-27th, 2020

Part of AIxIA 2020

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The workshop WEPO 2020 is intended to foster the discussion about Evolutionary Computation (EC) and Population-based Optimization (PO). Nature-inspired algorithms are largely used for solving optimization problems in a large number of fields due to their simplicity and effectiveness. The underlying principles behind these algorithms are simple enough to allow a great adaptability to various problems and domains and, while maintaining excellent effectiveness, they offer the possibility of obtaining explainable solutions. In a scenario where AI is increasingly predominant, but often with black box solutions, the explainability of EC and PO solutions may be an answer to the growing demand for understandable AI. The goal of this workshop is to explore and discuss the latest trends, promising results and hot topics in the fields of EC and PO, offering a discussion forum where new research collaborations can be established.

The workshop is directed towards researchers, practitioners, and students that work on or are interested in evolutionary computation (EC) and population-based optimization (PO) methods. Particular emphasis is given to recent advances in the use of EC and PO in the area of explainable AI.